There are 10 steps included in our repair process at Lithia Body and Paint of Medford. Below is an abbreviated version of the repair process:

Step 1. Evaluate vehicle, identify repair needs, prepare estimate, and contact insurance company to file claim if needed.

Step 2. Confirm insurance coverage, review payment policy, schedule repairs, present repair order for your confirmation, and submit our estimate to your insurance company for approval if needed.

Step 3. Obtain repair parts

Step 4. Begin Auto Body Repairs

We start disassembling the damaged parts. If we find additional damage, we will notify you and provide a written supplement.

Step 5. All damaged parts are replaced or repaired. Vehicle inspection will follow.

Step 6. We prepare your vehicle for painting. Cleaning, Sanding, Priming, Sealing, and Masking are a part of this step.

Step 7. New paint is mixed with your vehicles existing color. We then apply multiple coats to the repaired area of your vehicle and follow up with clear coats that add gloss and protection to your vehicle.

Step 8. We assemble the final parts, and we carefully inspect your car to ensure your vehicle’s repairs meet our high standards. Your vehicle is also cleaned.

Step 9: We contact you to give you an update on the repairs for your car after they are completed, and we schedule a time for you to pick up your car.

Step 10: In the final step, we meet with you to discuss the repairs and finalize paperwork and payment. We ensure all your questions are answered.

For a more in-depth look at our repair process, please go to the HOME page and click on the button that reads, “Our Repair Process.” This link will direct you to our repair process flyer.